Meebak Partner Program
Meebak Partner Program

Meebak Partner Program

What is Musetown-Meebak Partner Program?

This is a special affiliate program designed as part of Musetown Partner Program. We will continue to provide many ways for brands and creators to find ideal partner and grow together. This will help creators diversify their revenue stream and build ways for a long-term stable income.

How is this program different?

📈 Better commission

Make more money than Amazon Affiliate Program. Chance to make higher commission from sale (limited time opportunity through Musetown)

📺 Diversify your revenue stream

Make money from commission as well as your content.

🛍 Long-term partnership

Nurture long-term relationship with brands and create repeat revenue streams

How can I join?


Go to the signup page. Make sure put "musetown" in the How did you hear about us? section below.


Get approval

We'll review your application and approve

Get the referral link & coupon code

Create your content and put the link

Go ahead and create content with the product in it. Make sure you put the referral link and mention that they can get discount for the purchase through the link. You can earn the commission from the sales though the link.


Spread the "good" words and make money

By promoting the product with additional content and mention, your fans will trust you more and be more likely to purchase. Since you are promoting only the product you love, your fans can learn about the amazing product thanks to you, and you make money as a result. It's a win-win for everyone involved, thanks to you!

Promotional opportunity

We'll update you every time we have a special event or discount that you can share with your fans! You can request giveaway if you are planning to promote our product in your video.