Musetown Brand Partner Program

Musetown Brand Partner Program

"Looking for a long-term creator partner who can be the face of your brand? Join our Musetown Partner Program today and find the right creators for your brand!"

By joining Musetown Partner Program, brands can have access to selected creators who have a potential to become your long-term partner. First step is to collaborate with them to see if there's a fit through data.

How to find your creator partner

1️⃣ Search creators you like and make an offer

🎁 Gifting free content without content approval
🤑 Paid content guaranteed CPM with content approval

Note that the content is not guaranteed and the creator has the right to decide not to create content if they have a reason. When they decide not to, we'll ask questions about the reason and share it with brand.

You can decide to pay for the content to make sure you have control over the content through brand approval process. For this initial collab, we strongly recommend Musetown Pricing Model where system decides the final price based on the actual performance of the content. (We reject the set-rate at this stage. If you want to set rate, we do not guarantee CPM).

2️⃣ If they accept your offer, send product

Send your product to the creator, so he or she can start using it and create content for you.

3️⃣ Check the content along with our analytics data

Based on the performance of the content created, you will become clear about who you want to partner with for long-term relationship. It is not just for the specific creator, we'll help you find a good fit using the data. As you work with more creators, the system becomes more accurate.

4️⃣ Based on the result, make a long-term partnership offer

We provide various ways to keep the long-term partnership with creator. From multi-content deal to commission-based partnership. You will enjoy more predictable high ROI content from creator you can trust.

💰 multi-content deals

Sign mid- to long-term contract for a series of content will lower the overall ROI while providing more stable income to your creator partner.

🤑 Commission

By offering commission to the creators as a partner, you can expect more authentic and thoughtful content and grow your business with the creator.

※ We are currently in beta, accepting small number of brands only.


What happens if a creator decides not to create content?

In case a creator has a clear reason, he or she decide not to create content. But, we will get the feedback and deliver it back to the brand.

What is the guaranteed CPM?

For the initial paid content partnership, we guarantee CPM from the content to provide a reasonable rate for both brands and creators.

Can I just launch a campaign and hire as many creators as possible just like before?

Of course, you can run a campaign to receive applications from interested creators as usual. Musetown Partner Program will not affect the existing campaign and related tools.