Musetown Tier Program
Musetown Tier Program

Musetown Tier Program



To show our appreciation for the creators on our platform, we have created a tiered program to reward our most active, involved creators.

Why did we create the tier program?

We now have more than 2,500 creators on our platform. As a result, we wanted to think about ways to provide more benefits to creators who trust us and continue to work with us. Plus, we want to find better ways to communicate with you! In order to do so, we will be building a close community with you on Discord. Through this platform, we will provide you a direct channel to communicate with us along with a help center to answer any questions you may have.

What is the tier program?

The ultimate goal is to reward those who have been a good partner with us and with the brand we work with. To begin the launch of our tier program, we will begin with the Musetown tier and the Silver tier. These will be your first steps to advance to Gold, Premium, and Diamond tier where you can expect financial benefits (you will make more money for each video you create at these tiers) as well as promotional values such as being featured or getting early or priority access to brand deals. Also, you will have the VIP access to our support.

Musetown Creator Tiers


Our Goal

Through the program, we will be actively listening to your voice through the channels to reflect your needs and add more benefits. As the program grows, advanced tiers will be activated to provide you with more exclusive benefits. Overall, as you advance through the tiers we hope to create a stronger relationship between you the creator, our brand partners, and Musetown as close partners and friends.

How can you get involved?

First things first, join our discord server right now to unlock the "Musetown" tier and become a part of our community to start enjoying the benefits.

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