Musetown Insider Program, MIP
Musetown Insider Program, MIP

Musetown Insider Program, MIP



Musetown is launching Musetown Insider Program(MIP), which will provide an unprecedented experience to talented creators who are passionate about working with Musetown and its innovative brand partners! Find out about the details below and apply today! - Sungho Lee, CEO of Musetown

What is MIP exactly?

Musetown Insider Program is created for creators who want to actively engage and work with Musetown partner brands.

This invitation-only program will create more opportunities to work with brand as a community.

What Do I Get?
  • Exclusive deals for MIP creators
  • Direct support from Musetown team
  • Early access to campaigns and higher chance to get brand deals
  • Upgrade to a higher tier (what is tier program?)
  • Featuring on our website and social
  • and many more to come 😎

What type of brands can I work with?

Initially, we are opening the program to beauty, lifestyle and food creators who create content about beauty and food.

Can I talk to Musetown?

Sure! You can always talk to one of our team members on our Discord server or shoot us an email at

How can I qualify?

Two ways to qualify,

  1. Join Musetown and start working with our brand partners. After successfully creating your first video with one of our brand partners, you'll automatically be qualified to be considered for the program.
  2. Even before your first video with us, you can still apply to be on the waitlist. If you believe 1)you enjoy working with brands for a creative partnership, and 2)you are committed to working with Musetown for your long-term success, don't hesitate to apply to be on the waitlist.

How do I apply?
  • You can apply by providing key details in the application that we need to match you with the right brands. Then, we'll review the application and get back to you.
  • Even if you don't get accepted, you still have a good chance to be qualified later (or sooner). We'll help you do that by providing feedback and some tips. Signing up to our creator newsletter is a good way to start.

👉 Apply now

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