FAQ Creators

FAQ Creators

Brand Campaign related

How it work?

Easy and Simple!

1) Sign up and apply campaigns you may like

2) Brand will announce the application result at the time they set on the campaign page

3) Start work with brands!

Can I talk with brand before applying?

First, you need to apply first to the campaign you may like. Once you apply, you can communicate with the brands via chatroom.

Can I use products before creating contents?

Yes, if you are selected as a co-creators, the brand will send you a sample items that will help you experiencing the products.

When do I get an update about my application?

Each campaign shows a timeline. The announcement date is the date when the brand will make the decision on who they decided to work with for the campaign.

Content related

Who owns the content? Can I repurpose the video created? (How licensing works?)

If brands want to repurpose a video, i.e. upload the video on their website or other social media, brands should obtain the license for the video from creators. Musetown can help brands purchase the license as well. Contact admin@muse.town for details.

How long does brand expect to create contents?

You'd better to create contents in 2 weeks after you get a sample item.

What kind of content should I create? Is there any instruction?

It depends on agreement with brands.

When can I upload video after creation?

After you create video contents brands will confirm the video contents, then you should upload in 3 days.

Should I revise video contents if brands want?

We allow brands of creators to ask fully revise video only once before approval the video. Otherwise, it depends on agreement between creators and brands such as any minor changes in typo, descriptions, or mentions.

Payment related

How the pricing work?

You can choose pricing in two ways. Once you apply to campaigns, you will see 'suggested price range' data analyzed by Musetown. 1) you can decide pricing later when you complete your video campaign with your sales data. The pricing would highly likely be in 'suggested price range', or 2) you can negotiate fixed pricing with brands before creating video by leveraging 'suggested price range'.

When do I get paid?

You will get paid when your video campaign finished and get a sales data. Normally, one months later.