Musetown Creator Partner Program

Musetown Creator Partner Program

"Want to find a long-term brand partner for a stable income? Musetown Partner Program will help you find your long-term brand partner!"

📣 We are currently working with brands and creators to bring this program to life. If you are interested in this program, please leave your email address to be the first to get the update!

How it works?

Step1. 🕵️ matched with brands

Search the product you like. Our team hand-pick only the quality brands that you can trust.

Step2. 📦 get product for free and test

Get the product for free and use it for yourself to see if you like it.

Step3. 📺 create content and promote

If you like the product, create content that can introduce it to your fans.

Step4. 🤝 see results and focus on good ones

Our system will help you understand your potential revenue stream expected from each partnership. Identify partnerships that will give you better result and focus on those!

Step5. 💵 make more money

You will make more money through partnership that works for long-term. Try to increase revenue with existing partners or find a new partner repeating the steps!

👉 Questions? contact us at or chat using the chat window on the bottom right of this page ↘️