Meebak- CICA Skincare

Meebak- CICA Skincare

Aug 19, 2021 1:19 PM
CICA Skincare K-beauty brand

About Meebak

Meebak is a brand-new beauty brand with CICA skincare products.

At Meebak, we believe everyone deserves top-notch skincare that is both affordable yet effective. We don’t add heavy premiums like many brands out there, and instead focus on delivering our brand promise of brighter, happier, healthier skin.

How Musetown helped

Musetown helped Meebak to quickly activate influencers to create videos with different message and target audience. This way, Meebak could test and identify key influencers who can bring actual results.

Musetown helped Meebak quickly activate 10+ influencers without prior influencer marketing experience within their budget



As a new brand in the market, Meebak knew the importance of storytelling for their marketing. Also, identifying the right influencers who can bring traffic to their website was critical.

Meebak wanted to create YouTube videos for their SEO. Also, they started to identify influencers who can bring real clicks to their product page.



Meebak initially built the content for identifying the right influencers for them, and then double down on them while continuing to find new influencers. Their campaign performance has significantly improved more than 3x.

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