Prinker Temporary Tattoo Printer

Prinker Temporary Tattoo Printer


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About Prinker

Ptinker is a water-resistant custom temporary tattoo printer that helps your unique identity.

How Musetown helped

Musetown helped Prinker identify a wide range of influencers who can showcase its different use cases from tattoo enthusiast to fashion vlogger to family channel. Prinker was able to quickly choose influencers by using Musetown analytics tools as well as influencer's content proposal.

Prinker was able to create multiple content that show how it can be used in people's lives in a very authentic and engaging way.



As a product that targets specific type of customers, telling a unique story about the product was at the core of Prinker's marketing goal. Also, Prinker needed to provide ways for its target customers to "indirectly" experience the product as they don't have offline retail presence.

Prinker needed content that can "show" how it can be used in a fun and creative way.



Musetown helped Prinker to work with six influencers and creative creative content that is fun and informative to its potential customers.

120K+ views $1.3 CPC

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