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Joolies Dates


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About Joolies Dates

We want to introduce people to Joolies who may not have heard of the brand or may not be familiar with medjool dates. The main takeaway is Joolies Medjool Dates are a delicious and healthy sugar or sweet swap.

Hyprmeet is an avatar video chat app for Zoom & OBS!


How Musetown helped

Musetown helped HyprMeet to launch two different campaigns; one looking for live streaming experience and another for gaming. They received 87 applications in total and chose to work with five of them to create YouTube videos.



HyprMeet wanted to create various types of content that can "show" how easy and fun it is to create an avatar for video chat or live streaming using its software.

HyprMeet was looking for content creators who are interested in games and technology that would love to play with its software for the ultimate digital-self experience by customizing a 3D avatar with its software.



At lower than $0.05 CPV, HyprMeet created five different kinds of videos that can showcase its superior technology in a fun and engaging way.

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