Musetown Brand Partner Program

Musetown Brand Partner Program

Start working with influencers for the long-term real impact!

By joining the Musetown Partner Program, brands can have access to selected influencers who have the potential to become your long-term partner who can bring real results to your business.

Who is this for?

  • You wanted to work with influencers but could not justify the high up-front price for content
  • You offer affiliate program but no one is joining your program
  • You worked with influencers but couldn't get the actual conversion

How it works?

1️⃣ Decide what to offer

Tell our influencers how you want to start working with them by choosing what to offer. You can offer commission for free content or commission with paid content to start.

🎁 Commission for free content
🤑 Commission with paid content

Offer free product in exchange for a commission. This will tend to bring nano-influencers with small followings.

You can decide to pay for the content to make more influencers excited about working with you. We help you pay a reasonable price in exchange for a commission.

2️⃣ Get matched and send product

You can select who you want to start working with and send your product to see if they like it! Remember, the goal is to find influencers who genuinely love your product and promote it as a long-term partner. focus on finding the one who likes your product!

3️⃣ Check out the content and data

Enjoy watching the content created by influencers along with the data. By looking at the data, you will become clear about which influencers will be your long-term partner.

4️⃣ Nurture the relationship and improve the result

We'll help you find ways to further incentivize your influencer partner through multi-content deals, higher commission, supporting giveaways, group deals, etc.

👉 Want to talk to us? contact us at or chat using the chat window on the bottom right of this page ↘️