Musetown Brand Partner Program

Musetown Brand Partner Program

Join Musetown Brand Partner Program , and start working with Musetown influencers by providing your product or service.

Rules & requirements

  • Musetown will test and verify your product or service before connecting you with influencers
  • You should provide your product first, then the influencer will let you know if she likes it and continue with creating content
  • Musetown has a right to decline to work with brand

How it works?

1️⃣ Apply

Using the link below, apply to be part of Musetown Brand Partner Program. After internal review, we'll contact you asking you to send your product for verification.

2️⃣ Send product to Musetown

If you send your product for a review, we'll get back to you with a result within one week.

🎁 Commission for free content
🤑 Commission with paid content

3️⃣ Get approval

Enjoy watching the content created by influencers along with the data. By looking at the data, you will become clear about which influencers will be your long-term partner.

4️⃣ Select influencers you want to work with

We'll help you find ways to further incentivize your influencer partner through multi-content deals, higher commission, supporting giveaways, group deals, etc.

5️⃣ Send products

👉 Want to talk to us? contact us at or chat using the chat window on the bottom right of this page ↘️