Create and launch a campaign

Create and launch a campaign

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Let's start creating campaign!

Visit My Page

1. First log in (signup here if you haven't already)

2. Click the icon at the top right to view the menu

3. Click "My page" from the list


Add Budget

You need to commit a budget before launching your campaign.

1. Click the $ Add Budget button

2. Add budget you want(there's a payment fee for the 3rd party. If you want to pay through bank transfer or need invoice, contact


New Campaign

Click the +Create New Campaign button to start creating a new campaign.


Campaign Creation Guidelines

๐Ÿ‘‰ Go to step by step campaign creation guide

1. Product info
product name
product link

The link where customer can purchase your product. e.g. your product page (or Amazon store page)

product category
product image
about product

Provide details about your product/service. Creators need to understand clearly about whatโ€™s so cool about your product and why their fans should be excited about it. Images speak louder than words! Use high quality images ๐Ÿ–ผ that can make creators and your customers excited!

2. Campaign info
campaign title

Include the name of your brand and product

campaign highlight

Describe what you want from the creators in one sentence. Try to be clear about what the creator should do for your marketing

campaign overview

Explain what you want to achieve from the campaign and why creators should consider applying for your campaign

campaign period
  • start day: Your campaign will start to reach creators from the start date
  • finish day: Your campaign will stop accepting application on the finish date
  • video upload by: Specify a date that you want the videos to be uploaded by
campaign banner

Campaign banner is important to make creators get excited about working with you. Use an image that clearly shows what your product/service is.

3. Campaign detail
video type
  • Mention/PPL video: short brand message integrated into the video
  • Branded video: full dedicated video explaining the product
campaign keywords

(Providing the keywords help our system to identify the most relevant creators) Use product category(ex. Running shoes, nike, etc) or content types(unboxing, mukbang, etc)

free sample

Are you going to provide free product to the creator? Select NO if you donโ€™t offer physical products (like app or games)

discount code

Providing Discount Code help drive better conversion


Please specify countries where you can send your product.


Offering additional products to creators for their own giveaway can further incentivize your potential customers as well as the creator to promote your product

opt-in option

Select Instagram or Blog if you want it to be part of the partnership. If you want to repurpose the video for your other marketing, check the Licensing option.

How Licensing works?

4. Content guidelines
content direction

Provide provide a clear direction about the content. You can discuss details during the collaboration, but it helps if you provide what you want the creators to create and talk about.

example video

Nothing is better than examples. Provide a couple of example videos that you want or liked so creators can better understand what you are expecting.

5. Target audience and budget
target audience

gender, age group


To start a campaign, you have to assign budget from your balance to the campaign. If you want to add money to your balance use โ€œadd budgetโ€ on your account page or contact

  • total budget: Total amount of budget you want to assign for the campaign
  • max price for each video: The maximum amount you are willing to pay for each of the content.