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Sungho Lee Founder & CEO


We believe in the power of passion and creativity. We love the creative content on YouTube, and we know the love will only grow.

People find brands and product on YouTube, and they trust influencers for their purchase decision. For an obvious reason, the need for brands to work with creative YouTubers has grown dramatically over the past couple of years. Creators also want to work with brands to fund their projects or to make a living as a full-time creator. However, we realized that thereโ€™s a huge disconnect between them, mainly because of the lack of transparency and inefficiency in the market.

Our mission at Musetown is to provide a technology that can remove all the hassles out of the way and create more opportunities for brand-creator partnerships. In the process, we believe people will also benefit from more content created by the opportunities that we create.

Join our journey to make the world a better place with great content!

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Welcome to Musetown!

Musetown is a place where creators, aka influencers and growing new brands come together, join force and grow together. And we build technology to enable that!

Social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, etc have changed the way we learn information, communicate, and purchase online for good.