Musetown Creator Partner Program

Musetown Creator Partner Program

"Want to find a long-term brand partner for a stable income? Join our Musetown Partner Program today and find your brand partner!"

Step1. start collaborating with brands

When you join Musetown Partner Program, you will have access to collaboration opportunities with our brand partners. 👉 See sample list of brands here.

🎁 Gifting for a free content (no content approval required)

🤑 Paid content with performance-based pricing (content approval required)

After looking through the list of products, select the ones you are interested in working with. Brand will send product to you if they want to work with you. You have the right not to create content if you have a clear reason. Note that you have to share the reason with us in detail, otherwise you may be banned from our system.

You can select paid collaboration if you want. Note that paid collaboration requires brand approval for your content and you must meet the content requirement brand provided. For the first collab, we recommend opting to performance-based pricing model where system sets the final price based on the actual performance of the content. For the Collab deals, we don't allow setting your rates, but you can always go to to apply for campaigns that allow you to do so.

Then, brand will send the product to you. Then it's your time to shine; creating content. Our system will update you with the content and track the performance. Based on the performance, you can decide whether you will move to a long-term partnership; either paid sponsorship or commission-based partnership.


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Step2. find the ideal match

Based on the result of the content you created, it will become clear to you and the brand whether there is a fit. Don't get frustrated. Maybe it's that your audience doesn't need the product or maybe it's just not a right fit. We'll help you try working with other brands to find your fit.

If you find a good fit with a brand, we'll help you move on to a long-term partnership with the brand.

Step3. long-term partnership

We provide various ways to keep the long-term partnership with brand. From long-term multi-content contract to commission-based contract. You will enjoy more predictable income working with proven partnerships.


What happens if I decide not to create content after I receive the product?

If you have a clear reason such as the product doesn't work for you, you may be allowed not to create content. However, you are required to provide feedback about the product in return.

I'm a big influencer with many followings. Why would I use this service?

We know that brands are reaching out to you already. But most of the time, they are one-off and deal flow is most of the times not predictable. By participating, you can 1)prove your value with the actual result, 2)find more stable and long-term partnerships.